Open Employment

Open employment (jobs) is one of the important ways of gaining economic independence among persons with disabilities (PWD). They can get themselves employed at various sectors such as government departments, private companies, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) etc. - depending on the skills they possess. Gone are the days when PWD are recruited only as telephone operators and such stereotipical work. Now, PWD are employed in renowned organisations performing sophisticated jobs such as web administration, accounting, consultancy etc. in particular, with the surge of advancement of information, communication and computer technology. Information technology especially the internet, has, to a great extent, bridged the gap between PWD and their able-bodied counterparts as they have equal opportunities to access in education, share information and communication which are essential elements in the K-economy (Knowledge-based economy).

This section of our website is dedicated to the promotion of open employment among PWD, by posting employment opportunities. It will also link to external agencies that promote similar cause. Please find links that post employment opportunities for PWD:‚Äč

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