Cardiac Rehabilitation

a. Disabled Persons

Persons with disability such as post limb amputation patients, post stroke with residual hemiplegia, and paraplegia/tetraplegia secondary to spinal cord injury have a higher risk of developing cardiac events because of relative immobility. They are subjected to the same investigation procedures as the able-bodied population.

In terms of cardiac rehabilitation, this population will go through the same phase and protocol as described above. However they may need  a longer duration to recover and exercises need to be modified according to their physical limitations. They will need special exercise equipment and it is best to have ECG monitoring throughout the exercise as  they consume more energy.

b. Children
Past studies of cardiac rehabilitation are small scale and had mixed results.
There is no comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program in Malaysia for the time being.
All the children who have post corrective surgery will undergo inpatient exercise sessions.

This section includes :