Pre-employment training is a programme which provides training for PWD in preparation for employment. In addition, it provides support to give PWD the best possible chance of securing the jobs they apply for. The aim is to put together a package that meets the requirements of the individuals.


Vocational rehabilitation is part of the continuous and coordinated process of rehabilitation which involves the provision of vocational services, e.g. vocational guidance, vocational training and selective placement, designed to enable a disabled person to secure and retain suitable employment. The term disabled person means an individual whose prospects of securing and retaining suitable employment are substantially reduced as a result of physical or mental impairment.

The main objectives of this progressive development should be:

  • to demonstrate and develop the working qualities of disabled persons
  • to promote, in the fullest measure possible, suitable employment opportunities for them
  • to overcome, in respect of training or employment, discrimination against disabled persons on account of their disability.

It offers employment, or the chance to practice a suitable occupation, to people who cannot be employed in the general employment market due to the type or severity of their disabilities. Here, the aim is to support the personal development and productivity of the person undergoing rehabilitation so that he/she can take up suitable occupation in the work centre at the Workshop or in the general employment market. Work training includes basic and advanced courses during which skills in a variety of work processes are taught – in the advance course the skills are more difficult. Both the disabled person’s self esteem and the development of social and work behavior should be encouraged. This includes helping the disabled person to make as realistic assessment as possible of his/her individual capabilities. Courses include training in everyday skills such as personal health and hygiene, dressing, eating and drinking, road safety and dealing with money.

Vocational rehabilitation programme consists of:

  • Pre-Vocational Training
  • Vocational Training

Pre-Vocational Training Programme

The aim of the pre-vocational training programme is to facilitate the entry of young people, who are no longer of compulsory schooling age, into training and employment, and, particularly, to enable vocational training. A range of differentiated programmes exists to suit individual support requirements. These programmes are generally designed to provide basic qualifications and knowledge in various fields of employment, support teaching and intensive social educational supervision. Work placement is an integral part of the programme.

Vocational training programme

Vocational training refers to the type of training given to prepare people for work.

The areas of training available in vocational training programmes in Malaysia are:

  • Wood work
  • Laundry service
  • Sewing
  • Contract work
  • Cleaning service
  • Cooking
  • Handy craft
  • TV and radio repairing
  • Gardening
  • House keeping