Stump Care


Because the size of your stump can increase during the day, it is important to put your artificial limb on early in the morning.

How to keep your stump clean and healthy?

Because you will be wearing your limb for most of the day, you should keep your stump clean:

How to check your stump for damage?

Experiencing some changes in the size of your stump is normal, especially in the early days. But if you are worried, or think you have too much swelling or some damage, you should contact your rehab physician.

How to bandage your stumps?

While you were in hospital, you might have had your stump bandaged. This is often done to hold a dressing in place. If you are advised to bandage your stump, the bandage must only:

  • Be used following advice from the doctor

  • Be used after you have been shown how to put it on

Never bandage your stump so that it feels tight or causes pain

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