Amputee Rehabilitation

Who are the members of the core amputee rehab team?

  • Rehabilitation physician
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Prosthetist and technician
  • the amputee

Consultations and collaboration from the other disciplines include:


What happens at the post-amputation stage?

  • Physical therapy which include strengthening, stretching, balance training and chest therapy
  • Stump care and pain relief

What happens at the pre-prosthetic stage?

  • Prosthetic assessment, casting and fitting
  • Gait assessment and training
  • Temporary prosthesis if necessary

What does an amputee go through during rehabilitation?

  1. Pre-amputation stage
  2. Post-amputation stage
  3. Pre-prosthetic stage
  4. Prosthetic stage
  5. Community reintegration


What happens during community reintegration?


  • Continuous assessment and follow-up

  • Prosthetic maintenance and upgrading

  • Vocational assessment and workplace visit

  • Driving assessment

  • Community reintegration with visit to public places and introduction to sports


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