Residual Limb Contractures

What are the common contractures that happen to amputees?

The types of contractures depend on the levels of amputation.

A lower limb amputee-above knee amputee may develop hip contracture, in which the hip is bent in a fixed manner. A below-knee amputee may develop hip and knee contractures.

This is not desirable as a fixed bent knee or hip will later interefere with movement and  prosthesis alignment.

I'm a lower-limb below-knee amputee. How do I prevent hip and knee contractures from happening?

First of all, avoid bad habits like listed below:

  • Do not lie on the bed with a pillow or cushion under the knee. This will cause the knee to bend in a fixed manner.
  • Do not put a cushion below the thigh as this encourages formation of hip contractures.
  • Do not allow the residual limb to be freely hanging from the edge of the bed or from the edge of a chair without any support.

Practice good habits like:

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