Stump Socks

What can stump socks do?

Prosthetic socks can be used by amputees to provide a more comfortable prosthetic fit, reduce friction and absorb perspiration by "wicking" moisture away from the skin. Reducing perspiration on the skin will then reduce bacterial infections and common skin complaints. 

How do I wash the stump socks?

Stump socks need to be washed every day - you may even need several different plys throughout the day if your stump changes in volume. Some can be machine-washed but others need to be washed by hand. Here are a few tips:

What does ply mean?

The "ply" refers to the number of strands used in the sock - if two strands are used the sock is "two-ply". The higher the number the thicker the sock. The "ply" can differ between materials - so if you are changing from a sock of one material to a new one of a different material you may need a different ply. Three-ply and five-ply are the most common thicknesses. 

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