Stump Shrinker

What is a stump shrinker?

  • It is an elastic compression garment for an amputated limb.
  • It is used to control residual limb swelling and promote healing.
  • It is designed to fit snugly and to apply pressure to the soft tissues of the stump, usually as an alternative to the usual compression bandaging.



When to wear a stump shrinker?

  • It is first worn after surgery (before a prosthesis is fitted) to control stump edema or swelling ? in other words to fasten the stump to shrink and reach maturity.
  • A shrinker should also be worn at nighttime, when not wearing a prosthesis.
  • When swelling makes prosthetic donning difficult.


Tips for initial shrinker application


  • Complete wound healing is not required. You can apply it after dressing. A nylon stocking is applied to the stump after the dressing to prevent the shrinker from tugging on the dressing.

  • The shrinker is usually worn as you would wear a sock. For a beginner, the shrinker may be applied using an applicator.


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