This part of the web portal is dedicated to promoting economic independence among Persons with Disabilities (PWD). It is divided into four sections as follows:

  1. Pre-employment
  2. Sheltered Workshop
  3. Open Employment
  4. Self-employment
  5. Economic Empowerment Programme

The Pre-employment section provides information on training programmes that enable PWD to enhance their current skills so that they can increase their chances for the employment market. It provides contact information about organisations that conduct special/ customized training programmes for potential job-seekers.

The Sheltered Workshop section provides contact information on organisations throughout Malaysia that conduct workshops which can enable PWD to develop work skills whilst earning a living. They are usually supervised jobs and can be regarded as enhancement of skills for future jobs in open employment.

The Open Employment section provides details of important websites (e.g. Ministry of Labor) that promote and provide information on job opportunities for PWD.

Self Employment is a section dedicated to promoting the building up of own businesses. This section provides information on the various stages of the business cycle and also provides guidelines on the starting up of a new business.

Economic Empowerment Programmet is a section dedicated to promoting programmes that generate income both through organisations as well as persons with disabilities.

This section will be continuously updated by our volunteer content managers, who are on a constant lookout for information that promotes economic independence among PWD.