The Malaysian Information Network on Disabilities (MIND) was established to enhance quality of life for Malaysians with disabilities and their families. We provide access to information related to:

  • healthcare
  • rehabilitation
  • education
  • employment
  • adaptive technologies and equipment
  • transportation
  • barrier-free environments
  • government and non-government assistance

We also encourage persons with disabilities to contribute to ICT advancement.


To promote, participate in and monitor the implementation of the latest ICT relevant to people with disabilities or PWD in Malaysia.



To promote the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) amongst people with disabilities, to network within the Malaysian community and beyond.


To help PWD and their families easily access health-care, rehabilitation, education, vocational and social services that are relevant to their needs.


To use ICT to spread awareness within society about the existence of PWD, and their right to live quality lives like everyone else.


To change the perceptions and attitudes of society toward accepting people with disabilities and viewing them as potentially useful members of society, particularly when given the correct opportunities through ICT.


To identify relevant international websites suitable for PWD and “glocalise” them to enhance quality of life for Malaysians with disabilities and their families.

Project Goals

  1. To promote community involvement in enhancing the quality of life for PWD and their families through ICT.
  2. To support and sustain efforts to establish a sound computing network system for PWD and their families.
  3. To increase ICT knowledge among PWD and their families, together with their health-care, rehabilitation and social care providers.
  4. To facilitate access to information about health-care, rehabilitation, education, vocational and social services related to PWD.
  5. To promote English language proficiency so that PWD and their care providers can effectively access MIND content and links in English.


  1. To make life for PWD as comfortable and joyful as possible through information to relevant authorities. For example, making public transportation accessible to everyone, regardless of disability.
  2. To promote MIND activities in CBR or community-based-rehabilitation projects.
  3. To recruit volunteers of diverse backgrounds to join the team developing and sustaining the BAKTI-MIND Project.
  4. To continue the efficient management of MIND, so it stays relevant to the needs of PWD and their families, as well as their providers of health-care, rehabilitation, education, vocational, and social care services.