A Step in the Right Direction with Inclusivity

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Many Malaysian companies are starting to understand disability better. Some have even started championing for inclusivity through company initiatives. Others have started implementing changes in their hiring process that empowers individuals born with disabilities.

Malaysian companies that are employing people with disabilities

Keep an eye on these local companies that are actively hiring persons with disabilities (PWD), from customer service roles to backend developers:

  • McDonald’s Malaysia
  • Starbucks Malaysia
  • Tender Hearts Cafe 
  • Dialogue in the Dark 
  • Shell Malaysia
  • Visual Arts Data Service (VADS) Bhd 

What can companies do to ensure inclusivity in their hiring process?

Companies can start by building more facilities that ease accessibility. This includes widening doorways, building ramps, installing audio-visual fire alarms, or even relocating light switches and door handles to a more accessible height.  

There’s always more that a company can do to improve inclusivity. It starts with understanding the issue and spreading awareness across the entire company. 

Here are some other initiatives to make the workplace more accessible:

  • Provide opportunities by hiring based on skills
  • Offer training and support for roles offered 
  • Invest in assistive technology
  • Spread awareness by educating managers and other employees on accessibility and disability rights

Are you still searching for the right job?

You can now visit the job search platform Special Jobs to get connected with the right employers. You can even filter for jobs based on your special needs category to help ease the search process. 

Know a company that’s hiring? You can help share this job listing platform so that they can upload their job vacancies in there as well.


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