Assistive aids for personal hygiene

Assistive aids for personal hygiene

Good personal hygiene is important for health, comfort and confidence. There are several kinds of assistive aids for persons with disabilities that make it easier to maintain your personal hygiene.

Handled sponges / washcloths / loofahs / back brushes

These cleaning aids make it easier to clean spots that are hard to reach such as on the back, extremities, and crevices near joints. The scrubbing can also improve blood circulation.

No-touch soap dispensers

For those with problems gripping or pressing buttons, dispensers like these reduce physical and mental stress. The device works by sensing your hand and dispensing soap or foam directly into the palm. Because there is no physical contact involved, they’re also more hygienic.

Powered toothbrushes / Easy grip toothbrushes

Electric or battery-powered toothbrushes can make tooth care easier for those with a limited range of movement or grip strength. Certain toothbrushes come with a wider or more textured grip that makes them easier to hold. You can also make normal toothbrushes easier to use by attaching sponges, adhesive tape, or rulers to the handle.

Non-slip mats

Non-slip mats provide safer footing in a wet and slippery bathroom. They come in various sizes and are generally placed next to showering or bathing areas.

Grip rails

Grip rails can help people with limited mobility get into bathtubs and showers, or on and off the toilet.

Shower chairs

Shower chairs help those with mobility or balance issues take baths in a seated position.

No-rinse shampoos and soaps / wet wipes

When proper baths and showers aren’t an option, whether through physical ability, comfort or logistics, no-rinse shampoos and soaps can remove dirt and freshen skin without the need for water. Wet wipes for sponge bathing are also a viable option.

Where to get assistive aids

You can find these products and more at major pharmacies, or through local suppliers like Ecolife Medicare, Home Care Shop, Pinang Medical Supplies, Rehab Supplies Mall, or Lifeline Innovators.

Making small changes and using assistive aids to help with personal hygiene can help people with disabilities feel more comfortable and confident, and enjoy a better quality of life.


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