Best apps for mental health care in 2020 

Best apps for mental health care in 2020 

Need help checking-in with yourself? Stay mindful throughout the day with the help of these mobile apps. 

Top picks for mental health care 

There is a tonne of apps available for use on the market. But here are some of our favourites! 

Overall: Moodfit 

  • Get a better understanding of your feelings and mental health with an app designed to make you feel better 
  • Complete questionnaires to determine the severity of your symptoms and learn more through articles and audio files
  • Track your sleep, exercise, nutrition or medication and get actionable insights into your condition 
  • Boost your mood with in-built tools like CBT, Mindfulness, Gratitude and custom reminders
  • Available on iOS and Android 

Learning coping skills: MoodMission 

  • Built for people with stress, anxiety, or depression 
  • The app offers activities to improve your mood in the form of ‘missions’ 
  • Missions are based on how you’re feeling and you will be prompted to evaluate your mood after completing your mission 
  • Available on iOS and Android 

Meditation: Headspace 

  • Train your mind to stay mindful no matter the situation – at home, work or play
  • Overcome panic attacks with built-in SOS exercises 
  • Wind down after a long day with a bedtime meditation
  • Track your progress to wellness and stay motivated 
  • Available on iOS and Android

Journalling: Day One Journal

  • Store your best memories, fears or even accomplishments in a digital journal
  • Create multiple journals and colour code them for easy storage 
  • Complete your entries with photos, location tags or even weather data 
  • Available on iOS and Android

Anxiety Attacks: Rootd 

  • Nominated Best Anxiety Apps 2019 by Healthline 
  • Built for people who suffer from chronic panic attacks and anxiety 
  • Features breathing tools and stress management exercises for when anxiety or panic attacks strike 
  • Includes an Emergency Contact feature that connects you with a loved one or a nearby help centre 
  • Available on iOS and Android

Free: Mindshift CBT – Anxiety Canada 

  • Uses scientifically proven strategies based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 
  • Tackles worries, panic, perfectionism, social anxiety and phobias 
  • Features built-in tools thought journals, coping cards, belief experiments, goal and healthy habit tracking services 
  • Check-in with yourself and keep track of your anxiety and mood with graphs and journal entries 
  • Available on iOS and Android

Seeing a psychiatrist will always be the better option. But when help is out of the way, these apps are great to help get you through the day. Be sure to check-in with yourself daily to keep track of your progress to wellness.


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