Digital literacy for PWD

Digital literacy for PWD

Today, major computer operating systems ship with a number of accessibility features installed, such as text-to-speech conversion, visual displays of sound alerts, and adaptations for learning disabilities. It’s easier than ever for PWDs to operate their own personal computers.

Even if you already know the basics of operating a computer and using the Internet, it’s good to widen your digital skills to find and process information, create your own content based on that information and communicate or share it to others. This is known as digital literacy.

Digital literacy helps to make sense of the enormous amounts of information online, and control how you interact with it. You might choose to click a link in an article, or continue reading and come back to it later. It also helps you to better participate in your community and society, and better understand online accessibility services.

Here are a few places you can brush up on digital literacy, both offline and online:

Microsoft Digital Literacy Standard Curriculum

The Digital Literacy Standard Curriculum covers generic ICT (information and communication technology) skills and concepts. It is based off Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. The courses cover basic computer use, using the Internet, productivity programs, computer security and privacy, and other digital technologies.

You can also take a quick assessment to measure your current skills. After the test you will be recommended the specific courses you can take to boost your skills. All the courses are available online and work best on connections 56k or faster, so even those with basic broadband should be able to view the courses with no problems.

Procom Computer Centre

Procom Computer Centre offers a basic 8-lesson computer knowledge course that introduces basic skills, Internet use, and how to manage and maintain a disk file system. They have locations in Pudu, Kepong and Old Klang Road. Further details about Procom short courses can be found on their Facebook page.

PDT Computer Basics Foundation Training

Professional Development Training, supported by the Malaysian Human Resources Development Fund, provides a training course that is available to offices and workplaces throughout Malaysia. This hands-on course covers basic computer use, file management, Internet use and much more.

Online Resources

Courses are also available online with digital learning hubs including


There are many ways to boost digital literacy, which will help you gain access to more information and useful tools online. It’s important to know how to process the information you find online and share it with others to make the world a smarter, better place.


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