Getting help with payment for treatments and therapy

Getting help with payment for treatments and therapy

Paying for treatment, mobility aids or accessibility equipment with disability can be a challenge in itself. But there are ways to receive discounts or subsidies, and organisations that you can approach for help.

Subsidies at government hospitals

Government hospitals waive outpatient charges, or provide discounts for PWDs as well as those who meet the following criteria:

  • earning below RM300/month
  • holders of social welfare or MAIK cards
  • students

Cancer treatments can range from RM50 per treatment (chemotherapy for third class patients) to RM500 per treatment (isotope radioactive therapy for first class patients). Cancer treatments can run up to a total of RM60,000 – RM395,000 in private hospitals.

Physiotherapy is charged at RM10 or less for third- or second-class patients. For third class patients, physiotherapy recovery exercises in a government hospital gym are charged at only RM1 per session.

Subsidies from the government

The Malaysian government currently subsidises prostheses for women with breast cancer, or who are at risk for breast cancer.

PWD who have registered with the government are eligible for financial assistance for the following:

  • artificial aids
  • assistive devices
  • carers for the bed-ridden and chronically ill
  • incapability to work

The Ministry of Health also maintains a medical relief fund that grants full or partial relief for: 

  • medical treatments unavailable at government hospitals 
  • drugs that are not supplied by government hospitals but registered with the National Bureau of Pharmaceuticals
  • medical and rehabilitation equipment not provided by government hospitals

The fund must be applied for before paying for the treatment or equipment, and applies to locally-obtained treatment only.

External organisations

Along with the specific foundations that support a specific condition’s community, such as MAKNA, NASOM and NASAM, and support groups like the BC Foundation Patient Fund, you can also look to NGOs for further assistance. Some examples:

Yayasan Kossan provides support via treatment funds, wheelchairs and prostheses for eligible recipients.

The Malaysian Association Help for the Poor Terminally Ill (PMPPMM) provides basic financial aid to those in dire need, including for medical equipment.


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