Joyous Pastimes You Can Easily Enjoy For Those With Limited Mobility

Joyous Pastimes You Can Easily Enjoy For Those With Limited Mobility

Having “me time” is more than just a crucial coping mechanism, it’s an integral component for happy living. Busying yourself with activities keeps the day-to-day from being horrendously mundane. You may even learn something new that can transition into a life skill, or simply bridge certain social gaps by having more topics you’re familiar with.

There is a huge array of activities you could engage in, far more than you might realise. Even the more physically demanding hobbies can be enjoyed with a little planning, a little more confidence, and plenty of eagerness.

All this can be done in the comfort of your own home, or at least, without subjecting yourself to ridiculous travel times and expenses.

Music has zero borders

The beauty of music is that almost anyone can learn it in some form, and can even be enjoyed even in unlikely places. There are plenty of ways you can engage in the art without proper tutelage:

> Learning online. Spending your leisure time with an instrument in hand, under the guidance of a musician on social media can train your physical coordination and build muscle memory. It’s also a way of gradually learning how to impress your friends. Most importantly, many avenues for learning music online are free.

> Singing anytime, anywhere. You don’t even need an instrument. You could do bathroom singing, being the vocalist for an indie band made by your friends, or learning vocal lessons just by listening to songs. If you’re struggling with vocalization, there are several digital tools or music softwares that can still help you create your own sound.

Express yourself through the written word

If you’re not a fan of learning music, writing activities are an awesome alternative for a hobby while also squeezing out your creative juices. Here are a couple options to consider:

> Starting a diary. This could be private notes for your own satisfaction, a blog or a series of social media posts documenting your thoughts and experiences. Putting your life down in writing can help you collect your thoughts, calm your emotions or express your opinions better.

> Calligraphy. Sometimes, the substance behind writing can come simply from its form. It can be a joy to learn, or many individuals practice similar skills to an incredibly enviable level regardless of their physical inhibitions. Similar to learning a musical instrument, calligraphy can condition your body to be more dexterous, while improving motor skills and functionality in joints. To some, this hobby also serves as a form of meditation.

Get into gamer mode

The sheer variety of games in existence means there is definitely something for everyone. Card games are among the easiest and cheapest to get into, while many board games have simple components and are quick to pick up.

Many such games are designed to mentally stimulate, whether in terms of strategy, intellect or memory retention. More importantly, these pastimes tend to be highly social in nature, thus making for a great way to break the ice or liven up your time spent among company.

Cooking up a storm

Some argue that food made by yourself can taste better. Regardless of the truth of that claim, cooking is a valuable life skill to learn.

Just like calligraphy or yoga, cooking can be quite therapeutic once you’ve got the hang of it. There are many recipes available online that are also easy to learn, and do not require exhaustive steps nor excessive physical effort.

A hobby of the ‘garden variety’

A home could use some plant life, and caring for them yourself is often calming. Almost anyone can engage in some type of gardening; you don’t need an actual garden either. A small balcony or well-lit indoor space is more than enough to care for plants.

Not only does tending to plants provide a little exercise depending on the nature of your garden, it has the added benefit of adding to the overall ambience of your home.

A popular saying is that joy often comes from the simple things in life. Most hobbies are among the simplest things you can imagine, but go a long way toward staving off boredom, creating a sense of purpose, building friendships, or simply putting a smile on your face.

So try a new hobby, any hobby, even if you think it’s not worth the effort. You may just be pleasantly surprised.


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