Love Yourself, Love Others: The PWD General Guide to Dating

Love Yourself, Love Others: The PWD General Guide to Dating

Late last year, we published an article detailing some ideas an abled individual could keep in mind when dating a PWD.

This time, we’re flipping the script to suggest what PWDs could do when tackling the ever-unpredictable activity of pursuing romance.

Dating is arguably more of an artform rather than a science. While there’s no guaranteed formula for dating success, respecting yourself and being empathetic can and will go a long way.

Bravely Work On Your Online Presence

It is far easier to look for dates online, so download those dating apps and start writing your profile.

But your online presence is far more than just your dating apps. Listening to music on Spotify, capturing your life to upload on Instagram, or even making random videos on TikTok are all ideas you can consider doing.

You can easily link all your social profiles to your dating app too. This will provide your potential dates with an inkling of your personality, your likes and dislikes, and the way you interact with those around you.

The greater your online presence, the more interesting you come across, and the more likely you are to meet new people worth dating.

Never Self-Depricate

Confidence is sexy. Looking down on yourself? Not so much. While it’s very normal for anyone, PWD or otherwise, to be self-critical, remember that your difficulties are not your entire personality.

Your date is… well, your date, not your counselor. You don’t want your date to think you want pity, or that you’re interested only in yourself.

Keep this in mind, regardless of whether you’re typing out your dating profile or having an actual date.

Honesty Is Your Best Policy

That said, being upfront about your disability does both you and your date a favour.

If you struggle with the logistics of a date, tell them. Have problems reading the menu? Don’t hide it.

While you want to slowly babystep them into how your lifestyle is like, you also want to provide certain expectations and an awareness of your challenges.

Your honesty will make it far easier for your date to know what to say or not say, as well as how to support you without coming across as patronizing.

Actively Living Your Life is Attractive

One of the best dating tips has very little to do with the actual date.

People are often attracted to those that are living their best life, and enjoy doing what they do.

So take up a hobby, or experiment with different activities to find your passion. Try your best to be highly capable at something.

Don’t be a chronic couch potato. When you’re doing interesting things with your time, you end up rather interesting yourself.

NEVER Settle for Less Than You Deserve

You deserve just as much as anyone else. Struggling with disability should never stop you from having high standards over who you date.

Look for someone that can truly empathize with you, not someone that just sympathizes. Look for someone who understands that you are far more than the sum of your struggles and limitations.

Last but certainly not least, don’t be afraid to look. You might just find the right person looking back at you.


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