Make your online job search work for you

An amputee works on their laptop at a small table

Looking for jobs can be difficult enough even before considering your disability. A PWD might have problems with

  • travelling to interviews
  • dealing with face-to-face interviews
  • dealing with job tests
  • finding a workplace that is disability-friendly

Job searching online can make it easier to find and interview for jobs. Online searches can give you more control to

  • understand job postings more clearly
  • filter job postings according to your skills or needs
  •  respond to job posts
  • find out more about your new workplace
  • ask for the accommodations you need to work

Here are some tips to make your online job search smoother:

Make your resume readable

Employers will be reviewing many candidates for an open job. Your resume should tell them what they need to know in a quick and easy-to-read manner.

  • highlight your recent work history and experience, with numbers if possible. For example, you might have written an article that 20,000 people read.
  • provide a career or skill summary

Look out for online career fairs

Online career fairs help you to get in touch with many employers in a short amount of time. They help candidates like you connect with the employers looking for their skills.

Build your online presence

Talk about your work or projects on a website, a blog, or social media page. This is one way to showcase your skills, and help employers see what kind of worker you are.

Keep an eye out for flexible or remote jobs

Flexible or remote jobs allow you to work the hours that suit you, or remain working from home. This can be particularly important if you are at high risk for COVID-19. Depending on where they are based, remote jobs may even pay better based on the foreign exchange rate.

Stay flexible

Remain open to trying new things and new ways to work. Instead of only focusing on full-time positions, consider temp work, or jobs outside your current industry.

Find a mentor

If you know others with your disability or who work in the same field, you can ask them for advice on how they did it.

Take the lead on accommodations

If you require accommodations to do your work well, such as ramps, interpreters or being able to sit down at work, meet your future workplace halfway. State what you need, and suggest ways to get it. This shows them that you have made some effort to secure accommodations.

Should I disclose my disability?

If your disability doesn’t interfere with how you do your job, you do not need to mention it. It’s recommended to disclose your disability at the interview stage and beyond, should you choose to do so. If you have a visible disability, you can briefly acknowledge it and move on to how you would accomplish your work tasks.

Make sure you can easily explain any workarounds or accommodations you need if you handle certain tasks differently from an abled employee. There’s no need to be ashamed about asking for something you will need to do your job.

In Malaysia, sites like and OKUJobs can help PWD candidates find the right jobs for their needs. You can also refer to general job postings on other websites including

With the right knowledge and a positive approach, your online job search can lead you to a fulfilling job and career!


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