Making sense of dyslexia

Making sense of dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects approximately 4%-8% of Malaysian school children. This condition gives them a tough time reading, writing, spelling, pronouncing and understanding words. It is a hidden disability, as people who suffer from it can have normal intelligence levels and vision. 

What’s it like living with dyslexia?

Graphic Designer Daniel Britton created a font to help people visualise what it’s like living with dyslexia. The font design removes 40% of the lines in the letters. 


Words appear either incomplete, upside down (inverted) or moving to a dyslexic person.

Useful apps for people with dyslexia

For young learners

Dyslexia can be treated using specific educational approaches and techniques. The earlier their condition is treated, the better. Check out these educational apps for your children. 

Writing Wizard 

  • Hone your little one’s skills through tracing activities
  • Letters are read aloud and accompanied by sound effects as you engage with the app
  • Customise their learning experience (font, letter size or tracing difficulty)
  • Create a custom word list and record the audio for them
  • Available on iOS and Android 

Dyslexia Quest 

  • Learn through play 
  • Users will play various yeti games that identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve them 
  • The app assesses various cognitive abilities in-game like working memory, phonological awareness, processing speed and more
  • Available on iOS

For adults 

Tackling basic tasks can get challenging for people living with dyslexia. These apps are built to provide assistance to those who need it. 

Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

  • Revisit sites that you love later
  • Turn web pages into podcasts with a text-to-speech feature

Snap Type PRO

  • Fill in manual forms digitally with assistance from the app
  • Snap a photo of your document and add in words by typing it out or text-to-speech 
  • Also available in a LITE (free) version 
  • Available on iOS and Android 

For students with dyslexia 

Stay on track with note-taking apps built to suit your various needs. Turn every work into your best work and sharpen your skills with assistive apps.


  • Store your notes in various media formats including voice notes 
  • Gain access to your notes across different devices with cloud storage 
  • Use it as a planner, journal or notepad for all your educational needs
  • Available on iOS and Android 


  • Take your writing skills to the next level with a digital coach 
  • Improve your skills on-the-go with a spell and grammar checker 
  • The app is built to ensure your writing is clear, effective and free of mistakes 
  • Available on iOS and Android 

How to live successfully with dyslexia 

Some people are able to successfully beat dyslexia. For others, it is a matter of learning to live with this hidden disability. Here are tips to learn how to live with dyslexia.

Practise reading with audio assistance 

Turn on an audiobook and read along, or read a script as you follow to a text-to-speech conversion. Gain reading independence at your own pace by following audio files.

Gain writing independence through assistive apps 

Improve your writing skills with a digital coach across devices with assistive technology. Once you’re confident, you can challenge yourself to start writing on paper.

Regain social confidence and learn your strengths 

You are not your disability. Go after what you love and make use of your strength in your career decisions. Build your confidence one step at a time and remind yourself how far you’ve come.


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