Online and tech-related WFH opportunities for PWD

A woman sitting on a couch with a laptop

If you’re a person with disabilities with a passion for technology, online work and social media, there are a number of opportunities available to you.

Some of these positions may require additional training, knowledge or qualifications. All of them will require a steady Internet connection, and the ability to operate a computer.

Coding and programming roles

Coding requires a strong sense of logic and focus. You will use various programming languages to solve problems. Coders and programmers might work on

  • website design
  • program development
  • app development

Customer service/support

If you enjoy dealing with people, you may want to consider doing customer service or support. Customer service and support staff help to answer questions, solve user problems, and ensure that all users have a good experience online.

Taking surveys

Many sites online collect user opinions for market research. Some may involve in-person focus groups. Most can be done online from your computer or phone. Examples of such sites include UserTesting, Vase and GigaGigs.

User and accessibility testing

A user and accessibility tester helps to ensure that an app or website is truly accessible to users at any level of ability/disability. You do not need technical expertise to be a tester, but knowledge of design, web design or coding is a bonus. They help you not only pinpoint problems, but suggest how they may be fixed.

Freelance writing, proofreading and translation

If you are skilled with words and language, or you have an eye for detail, you can start your own business or do freelance writing, editing or proofreading. There are various types of writing that are in demand, including blogging, copywriting, technical writing, B2B (business to business) writing, direct marketing, and more. Each requires its own set of skills.

If you are interested in becoming a translator, the ITBM (Institusi Terjemahan Buku Malaysia) offers courses and certifications that will help you become a qualified and trusted translator.

App creation

App creation requires some technical knowledge, but presents limitless possibilities. You may choose to create simple games, educational apps, or apps for services that can help fellow PWD. You can find out more about app creation in the references section of this article.


Technology has given us all new ways to live independently and new skills to master. With a little bit of investment, you can make a large change and find new ways to support yourself with the power of the Internet.


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