Sports and games clubs for PWD

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Sports and games provide multiple avenues to encourage physical and mental activity, discipline, connections with peers, and social interaction for persons with disabilities. Before starting, it may be good to connect with the national or state association for a sport. This can help you get a better understanding of available facilities, available training, or existing teams that you can join. We showcase a few of these associations below:

Pan-Disability Football Club

Founded in 1996 by Sunny Shalesh, the Pan-Disability Football Club accepts both children and adults with disabilities for free training. Sponsored by the CIMB Foundation, they also organise tournaments for persons with various disabilities, from amputees to those with intellectual challenges (autism, Down syndrome, learning difficulties), cerebral palsy, deafness, and dwarfism.

While the club does not currently have a permanent training ground, Sunny may be contacted at 012-2826067.

National Chess Association for the Disabled / Persatuan Catur OKU Malaysia

The PCOKUM is a volunteer association that aims to develop PWD chess in Malaysia, foster national talent, and represent Malaysian disabled chess in international bodies.

Interested players can apply for membership through this form (Malay).

Wheelchair Tennis Malaysia

Malaysia’s wheelchair tennis association is based in Bukit Jalil, and was founded in 1998 to train national and international athletes. Wheelchair tennis does not need modifications to the courts, the balls, or the rackets. It therefore integrates very easily with the abled version of the game! For further enquiries, the association may be contacted here.

Malaysian Blind Sports Association

The MBSA encourages blind athletes at national and Olympic levels for futsal, football, goalball, lawn bowls and even shooting. They are currently based in Kompleks MAB, and can be contacted via 03-22722672 or 03-22722677.

Malaysian Wheelchair Basketball Federation

MWBF is affiliated with the Paralympic Council of Malaysia. Its members include the state Wheelchair Basketball Associations of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Putrajaya, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, in addition to the Perwira K9, PLPP Bangi and Borneo Wheelchair Basketball Clubs. They can be contacted via 012-6646121.


It’s easier to attempt a new sport or game with the support of people around you. If you have an interest in physical activities or sports, ask around in your local community to see if there are existing organisations for your sport of choice. And if there aren’t, maybe you can start the very first one!


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