An Easier Internet: Web browsing aids for people with dyslexia

Dyslexia can show effects in many ways. People with dyslexia might see letters upside down, changing position, or completely mixed up. People with dyslexia and other visual processing disabilities can feel frustrated or left out because of reading difficulties. This feeling can be even more serious when trying to communicate or read on the internet. However, internet use can be made easier with adjustments or assistive technology.

Help from your browser

Modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer or Safari now come with accessibility features designed right into the program. It’s simply a matter of activating the settings or preferences that are right for you. You can choose to adjust the following in your browser:
  • the default zoom to display text at a certain size
  • high-contrast browser theme colours that make text stand out
  • the default font to use for text, and its size
  • using your keyboard to navigate a webpage
  • using mouse shortcuts to navigate a webpage

Background changes

There are browser extensions, apps and programs that change the background colour of pages. These can make text stand out more clearly, making it easier to read. Some apps or extensions that let you do this include:

Type/font changes

Different fonts have been designed to help people with dyslexia read. Some people also find that changing the colour of the text makes reading easier. Different colours can help to tell one sentence from the next. Some apps or extensions that can do this include:

Screen readers

There are times when people with dyslexia might find it easier to have text read aloud to them. Screen reading apps can reduce stress and make it easier to process information. Some free screen reading apps include:


These tools will help people with dyslexia to gain knowledge, confidence and independence through the internet. Technology can be a great equaliser for people with disabilities, helping them connect with the world on an equal basis with their peers.